What is a Brazilian?

A Brazilian Wax has gained more common popularity as more of a hygiene practice than just removing hair to wear a tiny bikini. The Brazilian/ “Hollywood” covers everything from the top of the groin area to the back and everything in between. Some like to leave a little on top in the shape of a triangle or a strip down the middle.



Allow for your hair to grow to 1/4th of an inch. Now no need to pull out the ruler, just eyeball it to the length of a grain of rice in length. This will allow most, if not all the hair to grow to the optimal length for the wax to remove it. Exfoliate in the shower the day before your appointment. This will help with excess build up dead skin and will allow any hair trapped under the very most superficial layer of skin to come out. Avoid caffeine 5 hours before your appointment to prevent sensitivity to your nerves.


Does waxing hurt?

To be clear, waxing is the act of pulling hair from the follicle which is attached to nerves and blood vessels which when removed does cause some discomfort. Continuing to wax regularly prevents the follicle from receiving nutrients and thickening, avoiding the discomfort of your initial wax.


Preventing ingrown hairs?

Exfoliating frequently is key when it comes to preventing ingrown hair. Hair that is trapped under the superficial layer of the skin will be pushed out naturally by your body with the help of exfoliation of the cellular buildup.


Why do I have growth after only a few days?

Unfortunately this is more common occurrence than we think and is both frustrating for the client and the waxing specialist. Hair naturally grows in a few stages and then is shed to prepare for new growth therefore there may be more than one hair in one particular follicle which appears sooner than the other hair that was waxed at the anagen phase or active growth stage. Below is a diagram showing the different stages of hair growth to illustrate this. It is nearly impossible to determine which stage each hair is in and as a result there is sometimes growth soon after getting waxed. By getting waxed frequently (4-6 weeks) we can try to wax hair in the active growth stage which interrupts the growth resulting in longer periods without hair as well as finer hair.

Still have questions?

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